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About Me


I am a multidisciplinary creative based in the UK who is influenced by culture, theatre, fashion and art. I have the ability to develop comprehensive visions which can be applied to different aspects within a concept.


I have always been interested in fashion and culture however, it dawned on me when travelling that I wanted to enter the creative industry. From the eccentric fashion in Tokyo to the art deco architecture in New York City, I became fascinated by the role of culture and art in the 21st century. Prior to this I was always interested in theatre performing as a National Youth Theatre alumnus, where I was excited about bringing the vision of the script to life through costume, movement and set design.


As a creative person my theatre background has influenced how I communicate fashion and culture from bold colours, extravagant clothes and strong narratives, I have grand creative visions where I believe fashion is theatre. I focus on projects linked to branding and image making, from assisting backstage at London Fashion Week to creating brand identities and promotional content for clients in Asia, I have a global mindset inspired by culture, trends and art.


Fashion is not just about clothes; it communicates and reflects our culture acting as a catalyst for a larger conversation.

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