Shampoo Bar Concepts

Whilst working at the Studio Hu I presented concept boards for a new Shampoo Bar in Chengdu, China. After conducting competitor research and analysing design trends I pitched the ideas to the team. Below are four mood boards.

Concepts : Tom Lyon



Bohemian is an exciting and colourful branding concept which will make the shampoo line stand out from their competitors. The theme explores the bohemian lifestyle in the 1960’s and 1970’s through popular prints, colours and patterns.  


The typography is inspired by Hair the musical and Glastonbury posters. Customers would also have the opportunity to purchase a crochet bag or tins to store the shampoo bar in a sustainable way.

Potential Names: Hippie Hair / The Boho Bar / Peace Bar.

Bohemium png.jpg

Modern Vintage


Modern Vintage is inspired by retro swimwear and swimming cap patterns which would be incorporated into the packaging.  The fun design could be adapted for each product e.g Strawberry (red and white stripes) or Mint (green and blue).  Branding could also be enhanced by including vintage black and white photography to give the packing a quirky personality.

Potential Names: Azur Bar / Ocean Blue / Sea-salt Azur

Beach babes.jpg



The concept is inspired by Chinese Porcelain, but with a contemporary pattern to match the companies target audience. The design would be influenced by modern day illustrations to reflect shower routines.

Potential Names: The Porcelain Bar / Blue Bar / Porcelain Shower



 The packaging would take inspiration from Hawaiian prints. The typography would be fun and energetic which adds to the branding of the shampoo bar. Incorporating a Green Turtle into the design is key as it links to the Hawaiian theme, but also creates a nice connection to a charity.  Funds raised could be shared with an endangered species charity.  By choosing to use a shampoo bar results in less plastic in the ocean, helping to protect ocean habitats. 

Potential Names: Pure Polynesian / Surfy Shampoo / The Naked Turtle  

NEW MOODBOARD tropical.jpg