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Do I Want To Be Beside 
The Seaside?

Published in Un_Fold Magazine, the fashion editorial focuses around the theme of declining british seaside towns. As opportunities continue to reduce, the youth are wanting to move to the cities to strive for new success.

The 10 page editorial communicates the contrast between the sea and the city, through collaging cosmopolitan and seaside societies. The model reflects the modern day urban professional, who dreams of moving from the coast to the city. 

 Art Direction/ Styling/ Photography: Tom Lyon

Tom Lyon_UNFOLD_5.1s_Page_2.jpg
Tom Lyon_UNFOLD_5.1s_Page_5.jpg
Tom Lyon_UNFOLD_5.1s_Page_4.jpg
Tom Lyon_UNFOLD_5.1s_Page_7.jpg
Tom Lyon_UNFOLD_5.1s_Page_6.jpg
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