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Everything starts at h

An experiential sustainable branding project. 'Everything Starts at h' is a sustainable pop-up store which sells preloved clothes, accessories and footwear that start with the letter 'h'. The pop-up was targeted to young people who enjoy vintage shopping. In collaboration with Shelter, the pop-up was to raise money for homeless communities. 

h is for hoodie 

h is for headband

h is for handbag

h is for home...


Campaign Images 

Photographs where shot in an industrial environment to match the  warehouse pop-up store location. 

All items the model wore started with the letter h. This communicates the concept of the pop-up. 


The logo was inspired by  a circular fashion economy which is reflected through the path the text follows. In the centre of the logo is the letter 'h' which reflects a house inspired by  Shelter charity.  The colour is green to reinforce the sustainable message. 

Screenshot 2020-06-10 at 17.13.15.png

Social Media 

Social media pages designed to promote the event. As the Instagram account was part of the marketing  strategy a hashtag was created to enhance engagement and reach a wider audience.

Screenshot 2020-06-10 at 13.40.46.png

Instagram Stories 

The stories provide key details for the visitors and develop  their understanding of the pop-up and the purpose of the event. Here are a few examples of the Instagram stories.

instagram story.jpg
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