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Theatre Is Fashion (TIF)

‘Theatre Is Fashion’ explores how the two creative fields intertwine, the final outcome is aimed towards a younger demographic who are interested in arts and culture. The purpose of the concept is to entertain and remind people of the love for both theatre and fashion, encouraging them to return to theatres when they reopen May 17th 2021.

Creative Direction / Styling / Photography / Videography / Post-production / Set Design: Tom Lyon

Screenshot 2021-04-20 at 23.11.31.png

‘Theatre Is Fashion’ is a live magazine which reminds people of their love for theatre through a fashion lens. The light-hearted film is divided into two acts and an interval.

'Act One: Quick Change' is a fast-paced film showing an actress change her costumes supported by the backstage dressers, in time with the Can Can music.


'The Interval' highlights the break in a theatre performance. The audience in their fashionable outfits gather in the foyer and theatre bar, filling the space with laughter and conversation.

'Act Two: Curtain Call' communicates through movement the story of an actor who has been unable to perform due to the pandemic. As they have been deprived of an applause the performer stands tall behind the curtain waiting for it to rise on

May 17th 2021.

glass squarepsd.jpg

Below is the full film, so grab a drink and some snacks. Let the show begin...

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