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Theatre Is Fashion

Fashion Is Theatre


‘Theatre Is Fashion Fashion Is Theatre’ is a virtual exhibition which explores the correlation between the two creative fields. When museums closed for long periods of time during the COVID-19 pandemic, the aim of the exhibition was to educate and entertain the public during lockdown restrictions. Accessible on all phones/tablets the virtual experience can be viewed anywhere in the world, unlike traditional museums.

Creative Direction / Curation / Design / Audio Guide: Tom Lyon

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The exhibition has been divided into three key areas titled ‘Theatrical Fashion’, ‘Théâtre de la Mode' and ‘Costume Collection’. Each section has been carefully curated placing the designs in a historical and contemporary context. All imagery has been collected from secondary sources as well as images from the 'Theatre Is Fashion' project.

Theatre de la mode.jpg

Below is a film which emulates the full virtual experience, shot from the point of view of the user you will be guided with the complimentary audio guide.

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